Hello and Welcome to Rollerpony!

Our modern hybrid floor is 20,000 square feet of smooth sailing within our 34,000 square foot facility. There is also a smaller 1000 square foot mini rink to practice your moves or get your footing. But our community is more than just Team Rollerpony! Our classic Reidell “peanut butters” rentals and pro shop are provided by the knowledgeable team from Retro Rollers. We have also teamed up with the amazing chefs at Flava Ceen to provide amazing Jamaican Caribbean food made fresh daily. And of course, it wouldn’t be a rink without classic ICEE carbonated slushies!

Please take a few moments to carefully read the FAQ to help ensure you have the best first visit possible.

What are your hours of operation?

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: closed for public skating (see calendar for special events)
Wednesday: closed for public skating (see calendar for special events)
Thursday: closed for public skating (see calendar for special events)
Friday: 6pm to Midnight
Saturday: 6pm to Midnight
Sunday: 5pm to 9pm

How do I book a visit?

Please complete a waiver on our website (located at the top of the page under “Waiver”) prior to booking your session. Once you have completed your waiver, then you’ll be able to begin the booking process on the “Booking & Pricing” page.

How old do you have to be to enter?

To enter our facility you MUST be 18 years of age or older. Minors accompanied by an adult will not be permitted into the space. Photo ID will be requested to verify age so please have your government-issued ID (that has name, picture, and birthday) with you when you arrive.

Do we need to book a time in advance?

Yes! We strongly recommend booking a time to visit in advance of arrival. Capacity per session is limited so it’s never too crowded. We would hate for you to come all this way and not have an opportunity to have fun. So please take the time to select a session time and purchase tickets in advance for yourself and your guests. Make sure to book skates as well if you need them so you have something to wear when you arrive.

Is there alcohol or cannabis allowed?

We don’t sell or allow any cannabis or alcohol in our space. We (and our insurer) don’t feel that being any more wobbly on your skates is a smart move. So please, save the drinks or smoking for after you’ve come to visit us. This is a strict policy, so please, don’t ruin your visit by drinking or smoking before you arrive and risk being denied entry. If you are denied entry no refunds will be given.

Can I get a refund for my ticket?

Full refunds are given only for requests made 48hrs prior to the session.  Please be considerate that we are a new and small business, do not book for large numbers of tickets and then expect refunds for the guests in your party that decided not to come. “Camping” tickets to reserve extra spots in case you need them right up to the session start will most likely result in you losing money. Guests that are found doing this may be banned from our facility temporarily or permanently.

Guests who have been denied entry for any kind of intoxication or belligerence will not be issued refunds or credits. Any decision to issue a credit or move an appointment within 24hrs of the session time or after should be considered a courtesy and is up to the discretion of the management.

Can I bring in outside food or drinks?

Out of respect to our restaurant partner, Flava Ceen, we generally don’t permit outside food or drinks into our space. For events, parties and reservations of the lounge area catering is available (please email us at info[@]rollerpony.com for menu and details). We do make exceptions for birthday cakes of course. But if you plan on bringing in a cake PLEASE make sure you message us in advance.
Please also be advised that it is NOT permitted to take over the common area tables with party decorations and food unless it has been explicitly permitted by the Rollerpony Team. Please be considerate of other guests and do not “camp” the shared seating areas. These tables are for everyone to use throughout the evening.

Do you have inline skate rentals? Can I bring inline skates?

Sorry but we don’t supply or rent inline skates at our facility. Yes, you are welcome to bring your own inline skates to wear while skating. Please insure that your wheels are clean, free of debris and your stopper is in good working order. All skates must be free of any modifications that expose sharp metal edges.

What should I wear?

Roller skating is a fun but very physical activity. So wear something that allows you to move freely. You must wear socks with your skates. We recommend a varsity style sport sock that will provide a little cushion for your feet and prevent the boot from directly rubbing against your skin. If you are renting skates, you must have socks. We will have socks available for purchase if you don’t have any with you. We do not rent socks. If you refuse to wear socks, we cannot provide you with rental skates

What kind of wheels are best for your floor? 

Our Riedell 7700 wheels have about an 85 hardness and provide a good amount of stick for newer skaters. Boardwalk skates with softer larger wheels will feel pretty sticky on the skate canvas. A wheel with a hardness of 95a or higher is recommended for intermediate and more advanced skaters that prefer more slip for jam skating and dancing. For advanced skaters, 101s or 103s will provide a lot of slip (especially smaller diameter wheels). Of course, it all depends on what set up you’re comfortable with. Feel free to bring some options the first time and try out different set ups both settling on what you’ll roll with each time you come back.

Do you supply Safety equipment like knee pads and helmets?

Every Roller Skater must gauge for themselves their skill level and confidence. Should they decide that they require any type of safety equipment, each guest is responsible for bringing their own. Rollerpony does not rent safety equipment. Each guest must insure that the equipment they bring is properly fit, in good working order and that they understand how to properly use it. Our pro shop is also able to sell new safety equipment to guests should they decide to purchase a set on site.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, we have lots of lockers on site. They are standard highschool style lockers (big enough to fit some shoes and a backpack) and free to use. We didn’t want to use those coin lockers that force you to pay every time you need something from your locker.
You are welcome to bring your own lock or purchase a lock that (that you can keep forever). In colder months we’ll have a coat check as well for larger coats you don’t want to stuff into the locker.

Is there parking?

Yes there is parking on site but it is limited and first come first serve. This is unfortunately beyond our control and more spots can’t be added. We recommend carpooling to reduce your vehicle footprint. There are multiple public parking lots within a short walking distance in our neighborhood. Please consult with google maps and please be considerate of our neighboring businesses.

Is your facility accessible?

Yes! Our space is designed for people of any ability. If you make use of a wheeled mobility device, you are welcome to join your friends on the rink. Please note that there are flashing lights in our space and loud music. If you are sensitive to flashing or strobing lights we recommend booking for our first session on Sundays. During that time we keep the lights static and have audited for any potential photosensitive dangers in our space.

Can I shoot my movie/music video/art piece at Rollerpony?

We’re always open to working with artists to provide a unique space for different projects. However our priority is our skaters so available bookings for media and independent projects will need to be considered on a case-by-case scenario. Email info[@]rollerpony.com with a detailed spec of your project (including timeline and use of space) and we can see if it’s a good fit for both of us.


Memberships are available and can be purchased at the facility. See details below:

  • Unlimited admission for the membership holder during regular sessions (Special event admission and non regular sessions are not included in membership)
  • No session booking required in advance
  • Members are able to stay on through multiple sessions where available
  • One Month term is considered 30 contiguous days
  • Members must pay for a month pass in full before starting the period.
  • Members cannot place an active month on hold
  • Memberships will terminated for any violation of Rollerpony rules
  • No refunds (in part or in full) will be given for Memberships canceled prior to the end of the month
  • Memberships can not be discounted or prorated
  • Memberships do not include skate rentals (rental skates must be paid for separately per use)