About Us

Rollerpony is a love letter not just to roller skating but to its legacy as well. We owe everything to every community leader and space before us.

The stage has been set by Ontario OG’s Like Scooters Roller Palace, The Terrace, Rollertown, Glenbriar, SkateTown, Ontario place…. and also iconic spaces like United Skates (OH) Skateland (CA) , Skatedaze (NE), Oak’s Park (OR), Glenwood (IL), Rink Fitness Factory (IL), MLK….. There’s so many that have come, gone and fought to keep the culture growing.  Roller skating has so much storied history already and we wanted to add our own flavor to that.

Our modern hybrid floor is 20,000 square foot skate surface and comprised of multiple layers. Built on a leveled timber frame and then packed with 440 tonnes of compressed sand, it’s solid and quiet without being hard like concrete. Covered with a layer of wood sheathing and topped with a layer of phenolic hybrid surface (a mixture of resin, cotton and paper fibers) its super smooth. The top coat is a polyspartic resin that allows us to keep and maintain the surface easily.

Our community is more than just Team Rollerpony though; Our classic Reidell “peanut butters” rentals and pro shop are provided by the knowledgeable team from  Retro Rollers. Amazing Caribbean food is provided by the chefs from Flava Ceen. 

Our lighting and sound were designed by Waveform Collective. The astounding mural was designed by Aurora Kruk and executed by Young Jarus and the team at 1 Day Creates. Rollerpony is designed to be a hub for skating, new skaters and skating enthusiasts. Turmeric colored blocks and brightly lit features call back to Bo Kaap, Willemstad, Marrakesh and Port Au Prince, our mural featuring the Asian fantastical;  all nods to the many cultures that built this city.

All of these elements were brought together under one roof by Wil Mclean (owner/creator of Pursuit OCR) with support from creative partner and co-owner, George Sully (owner/creator of Sully & Son Co., Director of Black Designers of Canada)


If you haven’t already, we highly recommend watching the amazing documentaries Roller Dreams (2017) & United Skates (2018) for a better understanding of where Rollerskating has come from and endured. Additionally, here are some great articles that touch on the culture both past & current:

How Black & Brown Women Are Reclaiming Roller Skating Culture



Partners and Appreciations

We’d like to acknowledge all the amazing people that helped bring this to life and have shown us support for which we’re forever grateful.


Additional thank you to:

  • Lee Manley
  • Darryl Linobo
  • Megan McCready
  • Andrew Priaulx
  • Jasmine Mazzuca
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Crystal Chu
  • Riley Ekman
  • Sebastian Grey
  • Omii Thompson
  • Harry Alexander
  • Julian Rasetta
  • Rob Diamond
  • Jay Rosal
  • Brody Veira Tatham
  • Keegan Shim
  • & The team at Britannia Property Management